About Patagonia Crypto Valley

Down in Patagonia's mythical nature and protected by the Andes mountain range, lays the first crypto city. The new technology hub where startups, companies, researchers, academics and investors work together to accelerate the blockchain revolution.

Patagonia Crypto Valley’s concept: a region where blockchain projects can implement and ship their solutions and services, in a friendly environment and with an already educated population.

Our Mission: To accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.

Our Vision: Be the hub for blockchain and technology within its interaction with the real world. Bring global innovation to real and local use cases, leveraging on the needs of the emerging markets.


San Martín was one of the most important South American emancipators.
Today from the city with his name, we are gathering the greatest minds and initiatives in the blockchain world to free once again the people and spark the revolution in the region.

In a context of increased currency depreciation, we introduced innovative and futuristic payment tools for both citizens and merchants, that allow the interoperability of traditional and crypto economies.

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Today, the Patagonia Crypto Valley stands as the only place in the South America where cryptocurrencies are used on a daily basis for daily chores and mundane activities. Within the PCV ecosystem, the main drivers are:

Tech Playground

The Local economy and people’s openness to experiment with the new, makes it the perfect place for pilot testing of new features, services and products powered by blockchain and crypto.


Continue collaboration with stake- holders, startups, organizations, uni- versities and the local authorities.


Accelerate the creation of a common data/research pool for our members and the world to learn about applica- tions of this new technologies in the emerging markets and specially damaged countries and economies such as Argentina.

Our Ecosystem


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Currently over 150 merchants are part of the network

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